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How to Instruct Using Stories

Find ways to tell a story to teach a lesson to students or an audience takes a little bit of work. With some practice you can get good too.

$ 97.99 inc. GST

What's Your Artistic Style?

Discover Your Artistic StyleYou have hidden talent, something that sets you apart from everyone else. It's the way you choose your color, how you create your li...

$ 79.98

Connecting to Your Audience

One of the most desired attritubes an artist can have is connecting to people. John C. Maxwell says that in order to do business with people they have to "know you, to like you."

$ 149.99 inc. GST

The Tiny Art Course

designed for the student with little or no previous art experience. The emphasis of this course will be on understanding personal strengths, attributes and pass...

$ 149.99 inc. GST

Creative Person's Dream

Based on the book "Put Your Dream to the Test" you will be guided through a process that will help you tap into your own dream. This course will take you throug...

$ 250.00 inc. GST