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The Analysis of Mind

The Analysis of Mind is a course that is specifically designed to provide Personal Growth... on a different aspect to move towards the goal of exloring intellect, intuition and examining the world around you.

$ 110.98 inc. GST

1 Write Your Book - Introductory

You have a dream, and that is to share your experience with the world in a book! As you imagine readers looking at the cover of your book, and then hungrily open...

$ 149.99 inc. GST

2 Publish Your Book

Self-Publishing a Book is DOABLE it just takes a bit of work. Native Studio Art - Cultural Institute is different in its approach to aspiring authors in that we...

$ 99.00 inc. GST

3 Get Your Book Published

Your book is complete! As you thumb through the pages you are overwhelmed by what needs to happen to get it into the printers, then distributed to books stores....

$ 75.00 inc. GST

Transformational Educator

Transformational Educator & LeadershipIf you’re an aspiring artistic educator you can learn to be a great transformational leader in your industry. This fou...

$ 150.99 inc. GST